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The TrueLead Tracking App
Your habit-forming partner

Coaching creates awareness of areas where we can become more effective, helps us understand what is getting in the way, and helps us develop new mindsets and behaviours to help us reach our goals. But change is hard, and developing new behaviours and habits is hard. There can sometimes be a big difference between intention and action. 


That's why we go further than most coaching programmes by providing you with TrackingCoach. 

How the TrueLead Tracker App works

TrueLead Habit Tracking App

During our sessions we will agree on daily or weekly questions that you will ask yourself to keep you on track.


 This brings what you are focusing on front and centre. When your workload takes over the app helps create accountability for yourself and with your coach. 

Weekly and monthly scoreboards mean we can track your progress over time giving an indicator if you are moving towards your goals. They also give us the opportunity to course correct when things are getting off track. 

TrueLead Habit Tracking App

Why not see for yourself and sign up to our 30 day habit forming trial

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What our clients say about the TrueLead Tracker App

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