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Clients across the UK, Europe and Africa have chosen TrueLead Coaching to support them in achieving their personal and professional goals. Each has derived their own unique benefit from our work together. 

Coaching with Daniel was pivotal for me and my career. Previously I’d spent a long time tripping over what I wasn’t, trying to be everything and being quite unhappy in the process. Daniel’s coaching skills bought into focus on what I could do, what I enjoyed and gave me the confidence to bite the bullet and make the changes I needed to. It enabled me to have the career change I needed and I can honestly say I’ve never been happier and more fulfilled. This change has meant my output and capacity has increased tenfold, flowing into both my personal and professional life. I highly recommend Daniel to anyone who is needing clarity, fresh light and the skills to bring out the best in you.

-Olivia, Marketing Manager 

Coaching has benefitted me in more than just my professional career in the pharmaceutical industry, It has resulted in a different outlook on my personal life too. My coach created a safe atmosphere in order to discuss the challenges I was facing in my day to day job as well as personal life. He asked me questions which lead to me creating solutions for the difficulties I was experiencing. My coach helped me highlight and recognise my strengths and weaknesses while providing excellent tips on how to better any weaknesses. Within days I was able to see the benefits of coaching and would highly recommend to everyone​

- Pardis, Pharmaceuticals Executive 

I highly recommend Daniel as a coach. He listens very accurately and asks the right questions, which helped me navigate and find solutions to interpersonal and strategic challenges with my senior management team. By helping to define issues very clearly, he encouraged me to take some important decisions.

-Nicky, Executive Director 

I found the coaching with Daniel at a time of transition in my life and leadership most helpful in identifying my strengths as I explored new horizons. I appreciated the opportunity to talk, be listened to, affirmed and challenged. I would recommend these sessions.

- Mick, Chairman & Trustee 

I found the coaching with Daniel was vital in me gaining more senior roles in management. He helped me in knowing what questions to expect at job interviews, and how to handle them in a relaxed and confident manner. Daniel also helped me to listen more, learn not to interrupt due to nerves, and to bring out confidently my experience and understanding of a given situation. Since my coaching, I have progressed twice in my career firstly to Financial Controller and now to being a member of the Senior Management Team, with a suitable salary increase. I would recommend his skills to anyone seeking to progress their career.

- Kevin, Head of Finance and Compliance

During the coaching sessions, I learnt what my leadership style is and how it affects my ability to lead. The coach was ‘excellent’ at peeling away those layers around me that directly and indirectly affect my leadership style. In the process, I gained useful insights in the underlying reasons that inhibited my personal growth and a better view and understanding of my own skills and attitudes vis-à-vis my working environment. One of his absolute strengths, this coach puts you at ease from the first coaching session and ends each session with thought-provoking ideas and suggestions which will guide your daily functioning…until the next coaching session.

- Bart, Country Director 

Daniel. He helped me discover my priority areas and take my career aspirations seriously and gave me the courage to break my own path. Post-coaching, I feel braver and more confident in my ability to follow through on my intentions. He helped me build the confidence and clarity I needed to take risks and unlock my potential. His questions were thoughtful, and the whole process seemed like a conversation. I was reacquainted with pieces of myself I had lost. These discoveries and the awareness of my self improved my engagement levels, empowered me to excel at my tasks, been able to realise the importance of my personal and professional development plans and also taking pride in my responsibilities. Daniel’s obligations, self-drive and inspiration depicts him as a great coach. I have no hesitation in recommending him.​

- Ivan, Head of HR & Operations

I went into receiving coaching convinced I was missing something in my leadership style, sphere of influence and productivity. I was not always able to articulate exactly what I wanted to address, but my coach had the knack of knowing what questions to ask and what issues to focus on to really get to where I wanted to go to. He was able to ‘hit the nail on the head’ frequently and brought clarity and focus to our sessions. As a result, I have found increased confidence and effectiveness, plus a much-improved management style. I have become an advocate for coaching as a management style within business and industry. This is as a direct consequence of the benefits gained through my own coaching sessions and the new way of thinking I learned during the coaching. I highly recommend my coach for both management coaching but also for whole teams to do the coaching journey together.

It is transformational.

-Lesley, Group Director

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