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Daniel is the Founder and Leadership Coach at TrueLead  Coaching. With over 300 hours of coaching experience combined with a background as a Senior Leader in Sales, Marketing and Change Management coupled with his time working at international consultancies makes Daniel highly empathetic to the challenges presented by today’s business environment. He has worked with Managers and Directors across a number of different sectors including global organisations, e-commerce, retail, construction, finance, private equity and investor management, pharmaceuticals, professional services and charities across the UK, Europe and Africa.


Unlocking Dormant Potential


Daniel worked the HR & Operations Director to support him through a high-potential leadership academy.  During his coaching, he found that he was reacquainted with dormant potential he thought he lost. In doing so he has seen improved engagement levels, empowerment to excel at tasks and to see personal and professional development as important and take pride in his responsibility. He reported post-coaching he felt braver and more confident in his ability to follow through on intentions and had built the confidence and clarity to unlock his potential.   

Transformational Career Change 


Daniel helped a Marketing Manager to transition into a new role and sector. Through career coaching, she was able to identify what she had been tripping over for a long time that was making her unhappy.  With the opportunity to focus on her strengths and what she ‘could do,’ she bit the bullet and has never been happier or more fulfilled. As a result, her output and capacity has increased tenfold which has brought dividends to both her personal and professional life.   

Board Transition


Daniel worked with the Chairman of the Board to offer support during his transition of stepping down. The coaching provided the opportunity for the coachee to be listened to, receive affirmation and be challenged in order to identify areas of strength as he explored new horizons. 

From Conflict to Career Change


Daniel coached a Pharmaceuticals Executive at a time where she had come to a crossroads in her career. Having a safe environment to discuss the challenge and difficulties she was experiencing at work enabled her to explore her strengths and weaknesses and was able to find solutions to move forward. The result was a successful transition into research which benefited both her professional career in the pharmaceutical industry and a different outlook in her personal life. 

Developing Influence and Executive Presence


Daniel worked with a Country Director whos leadership style and relationships on board and his team were inhibiting maximum performance and motivation. During the coaching, he was able to understand the underlying issues and behaviours that directly and indirectly were affecting his personal growth and as a result, gained the trust and respect of his peers and team and is known as a trusted advisor.

Increased Confidence and Effectiveness


Daniel worked with a Board Director who had identified there was something missing in her leadership style, sphere of influence and productivity. Her coaching journey brought about a transformational mindset change which has resulted in increased confidence and effectiveness plus a much-improved leadership style. Her experience has led her to become an active advocate for coaching within business and industry. 

Senior Leadership Conflict Resolution


Daniel coached an Executive Director during a period of strategic and interpersonal challenges their Senior Management team. The situation has escalated to a standoff which resulted in the business suffering both in morale and performance. Through coaching, she was able to explore solutions by being able to define issues very clearly through a new awareness which resulted in her taking some important decisions which resolved the situation and allowed her to realign the team that is now performing with high levels of engagement. 

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