At TrueLead Coaching we don’t believe there’s one blueprint for leadership. Each individual, how they learn, engage and lead, is unique. We help to unlock what exists intrinsically within to create a roadmap entirely personal to them.

Leaders and managers at all levels are facing unprecedented demands on how they manage new and increasing workloads and often with smaller, more remote teams. 

The role of leaders is an important one in carrying your business out of ‘low gear’ or crisis and firmly into recovery and growth. Your role as an organisation is to provide them with the right tools to embrace this challenge, and to offer full support to avoid burnout. 

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Maximising the performance of your leaders is really a simple equation:  

Performance = Potential minus Interference*

Interference can manifest itself in: 

  • Difficulty in recognising and focusing on what’s most important 

  • Lack of self belief and ability to influence

  • Low levels of contribution 

  • Poor communication skills 

  • Strained working relationships 

  • Difficulty in resolving conflict

  • Lack of leadership skills and ability to engage a team

  • Difficulty in motivating, empowering and developing others 


* Tim Gallwey,

TrueLead's coaching is designed to support those individuals within your organisation who:

  • Show great potential for leadership but have 
limiting self belief

  • Have been promoted to a management role but have little experience of leading a team

  • Are expected to lead a change in culture or new ways of working

  • Have lost direction or the expectations of the role have changed

  • Need support during a specific workplace challenge or conflict

  • Or simply wish to reignite their motivation

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I went into receiving coaching convinced I was missing something in my leadership style, sphere of influence and productivity. Daniel had the knack of knowing what questions to ask and what issues to focus on to really get to where I wanted to go to. He was able to ‘hit the nail on the head’ frequently and brought clarity and focus to our sessions. As a result, I have found increased confidence and effectiveness, plus a much-improved leadership style. I highly recommend Daniel for both leadership coaching but also for whole teams taking the coaching journey together. It is transformational. 


-Lesley, Group Director

Benefits to individuals

  • More self-awareness  

  • Discovery and development of own leadership style

  • Harnessing of emotional and business intelligence

  • Improved wellbeing and confidence 

  • A transformation with both professional and personal benefits


Benefits to organisations

  • A more engaged and energised workforce 

  • Increased productivity and better   decision-making 

  • More effective teams

  • Enhanced communications and working relationships


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