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Everyone deserves to be happy and fulfilled at work. 

Everyone deserves a great leader.

Welcome to TrueLead Coaching


At Truelead Coaching we believe that everyone deserves to be happy and fulfilled at work and that a major factor in making that a reality or not is the quality and behaviour of your leader. 

We have all had good bosses and bad ones right?

Millennial employees gathered in boardro
Couple of happy colleagues talking while

Bad leadership is a major source of unhappiness and dysfunction in the workplace. 

At TrueLead Coaching, we work with Leaders and Managers to help them build winning teams and deliver outstanding results through coaching.

Who benefits from coaching?

We work with managers and directors across a wide breadth of sectors and countries. To date, we’ve delivered our coaching to global organisations, private equity and investor management, pharmaceuticals, construction companies, e-Commerce, professional services and charities, to name but a few. Our footprint has extended across the UK, Germany and Africa. Our 1-2-1 coaching enables managers and executives to tackle the following challenges:

Asset 4@5x.png

Develop their strategic thinking


Improve organisational dynamics

Asset 5@5x.png

Manage change and develop resilience


Increase their productivity and that of their teams


Develop better communication and influencing skills


Transition into

first-time leadership or a more senior leadership role with

a new set of skills


Meet Daniel Driscoll


Daniel is the Founder and Leadership Coach of TrueLead  Coaching. With over 300 hours of coaching experience combined with a background as a Senior Leader in Sales, Marketing and Change Management coupled with his time working at international consultancies makes Daniel highly empathetic to the challenges presented by today’s business environment. He has worked with Managers and Directors across a number of different sectors including global organisations, e-commerce, retail, construction, finance, private equity and investor management, pharmaceuticals, professional services and charities across the UK, Europe and Africa.


Interested in finding out more?

Whether you have something specific in mind or would just like to find out more. Get in touch and lets talk.


We'll be in touch soon.

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