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At TrueLead Coaching we help leaders like you to become more effective and have a greater impact.

Leaders on our programmes benefit from

Increased Confience and overcoming impostor syndrome

Increased confidence and overcoming impostor syndrome

Enhanced performance and productivity

Enhanced performance and productivity

Strengthened relationships and collaboration

Strengthened relationships and collaboration

Improved self-awareness and emotional intelligence

Improved self-awareness and emotional intelligence

Elevated energy levels and great work / life balance

Promotions and realignment with career trajectory

Promotions and realignment with career trajectory

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How our clients describe their experiences

What our programme includes

Stage 1:

30 Minute

Launch Call

The launch call is an opportunity for us to get to know each other, run through how the programme works, book relevant sessions and provide you with an opportunity to ask questions.

Stage 2:

Optional 360 Degree Feedback

Your 360 Degree feedback report is gathered from your peers and team. It is focused on your current leadership effectiveness and what things you could start, stop and continue doing to become more effective.

Stage 3:

90 Minute Monthly Coaching Calls

During your monthly 90 minute coaching session we work with you to first define your goals and development areas and then focus on how you will achieve them. During the sessions we also help you remove beliefs and obstacles that are getting in the way.

Stage 4:

Weekly 30 Minute Check-in Calls

The weekly 30-minute check-in calls are an opportunity to update on progress and momentum and to focus on anything getting in the way. It is also an opportunity to discuss live situations that bring further context to your goal.

Stage 5:

Access to the TrueLead Habit Tracking App

The TrueLead Habit Tracking App helps you stay focused and convert your plans into tangible results. Within the app you will define a list of daily and weekly track points, view your progress on an interactive scorecard and receive daily check in reminders.

Stage 6:

Access to TrueLead Connect

TrueLead Connect is a monthly online forum with leaders from different professions and industries. During the sessions we invite you to share a challenge, ask a question or discuss a subject and in return help your fellow leaders.

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